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Unik Solution Inc. was established to provide automation solutions to businesses and industries. Various industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, livestock, agriculture, water and waste, construction and utilities have taken advantage of our solutions and products. Nowadays, our solutions are mainly based on the IOT ( Industrial Internet of Things ) and  IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things ) that cover applications from simple to complicated.

More than 20 years of practical experience of the founder in the related business with international companies results in a strong combination of technical & commercial strengths to understand clients needs and provide customized solutions to match the applications. 

We provide you high end products and systems from field to Internet including all required hardwares and softwares as an integrated system.

Balance between quality and price as well as the functionality that we offer will differentiate you from your competitors and help you to overcome the challenges .

We stay with you from the proposal stage to execution . So you can rely on us as a partner in your business .

Our Field of Expertise

Internet of Things ( IOT & IIOT )

Internet of Things is a kind of evolution in global market. We rovide nice smart IOT devices that makes things different.

Energy Management

we provide a complet range of measuring products and integrated systems to assist clients to measure , monitor and analyze energy consumption and quality from stand alone machines to big plants .

  • Energy Meters
  • Energy Analyzers
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Software


We have many years experience in Supervisory , Control & Data Acquisition and we offer whole system including Hardware & Software , Engineering , Design , Supply , Configuration and Execution.

  • Collecting Data
  • Visualizing  Data
  • Analyzing Data

Industrial Networking

We take advantage of variety of high-tech & innovative products to communication between different parts of project independence of the manufacturer and to achieve a unified system that works properly whereas the media is Cable or wireless we offer most reliable and effective solutions.

  • Protocol Converters
  • Media Converters
  • Gateways
  • Switches
  • Modems

Industrial Automation

We offer variety of products and systems from in different layers of a whole Automation

  • Signal Conditioning
  • Remote I/O
  • Control System ( PLC / DCS / ESD )
  • Networking
  • Local Supervisory ( HMI/ SCADA )
  • Remote Supervisory ( Web Clients & Cloud Services )



In addition to variety of standard products that we offer , we provide engineered instrument packages for EPC contractors through well-known worldwide manufacturers .

  • Process Measurements ( Flow, Temp.,Level,pressure etc . . .)
  • Process Analyzer ( PH, Condustivity, etc…)
  • Emmission Measurement ( CO,NOX etc…


Oil & Gas & Petrochemical


Water & Waste Water


Renewable Energy


Food & Beverage






Building Automation



Continuous Emission Monitoring System” that is becoming more & more important now a days is one of the applications that we can manage by our Advanced Data Loggers in the field side and  powerfull Web Based Software in other side to mange and analyzing data gathered from the field.

Photovoltaic Systems

Control , Monitoring and Diagnostic of PV Systems remotely.

  • Inverter Control
  • Power Consumption Control
  • Alarm Management
  • String Current Control
  • Panel Temperature Control

Data Center

Managing data centers as a most important part of organizations and maintaining them in a way to avoid unexpected failures and as minimum as possible downtimes needs to keep eyes on them and environment conditions . We offer all equipments required for online contorl & monitoring of Data Centers : 

  • Room Humidity & Temperature Monitoring
  • Rack Humidity & Temperature Monitoring
  • UPS input / output / battery Monitoring
  • Air Conditioning Status Monitoring
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring
  • Alarm Management

Remote Assistance for Machines

This service is very useful for machine manufacturer companies that have different machines geographically distributed installations across the world.

  • Secure communication network for remote assistance
  • Monitoring of machine operation parameters for predictive maintenance
  • Reduction of maintenance and travel costs
  • Remote PLC program modification
  • Consultation of the state of machines from multiple locations

Remote Control Irrigation

  • Implementation of automation and remote control systems on irrigation networks
  • Bulkhead control
  • Integration with management software
  • Secure communication
  • Local HMI supervision
  • Irrigation Schedule Planning

Smart Metering and Reading

Remote metering and reading energy using advanced communication and software.

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity

Smart Grid

We offer most unique solution for monitoring grids in power distribution network.

  • Supporting Standard Protocol IEC 60870-5-104
  • Compact Designe for saving space
  • 10 line measurement in one device
  • Web Control
  • Alarm Management via SMS & E-mail
  • Integrated Mobile Gateway for easy communication & data transmission


Unik Solution Inc 

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