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It’s more than a product, It’s customized solution for your challanging application. Our commitment is to relief a pain utilizing high-end technologies.


The easy-to-use remote-management platform
that makes your business IIoT ready

Your data live 24/7 _

Rilheva is the solution to get value from your data wherever you are

Hardware independent

Use your preferred gateways and spread the collected data to your BI tool or ERP

Zero time-to-market

No need to write new software, just plug, configure and play

Profinet IO < - > ModBus

Connect your PLC to field modules with R-KEY-LT-P !

New gateway protocol converter, Industry 4.0 READY and compatible with TIA PORTAL and CODESYS environments.


AC/DC contactless TRMS current (± 300 A) transducer, Hall Effect with 4..20 mA AO


Our range is up to± 600 A

Read, Log, Connect, Monitor, Alarm

Z-LTE is the new 4G/MQTT Datalogger best-in-class. This unit integrates 4G LTE modem, 4 communication ports, 8 I/O channels, GPS receiver, UPS battery and support for voice alarms / audio commands with DTFM tones.

Smart Calibrator

Unique on the market

More Functionality, Less Price 

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We are partner with international pioneer companies who provide us with high quality products and technologies as well as technical support and training.

We choose our global partners precisely to guarantee Quality & Reliablity. They are technology provider and that helps us to stay on the edge of technology.


It’s very important to know understand the project requirements and to choose a right technology that meet that requirements in the best, safest and most reliable way.

That’s we can do for you based on our experience and through our professional leading partners who are expert in different verticals.

Era of


Digitalization is a journey from tradition to modernization including different levels from field to management. This means that an integrated system or a kind of ecosystem needs to be in place to gather data from the lowest levels in the field wherever they are and transfer it to the server(s) and appropriate, normalize and manipulate data and  transfer reasonable information for enterprise level for managing the business in the fastest, easiest and most effective way.

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If you integrate automation or IIOT systems, we can help you to overcome your challanges such as normalizing signals, communicating with different medias or protocols, logging data, managing distributed I/Os very cost effectively and flexibly, communicating with cloud etc…

Just contact us and share your requirements …


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If you have a plant and take advantage of industry 4.0, we can provide you end to end solutions to monitor your plant, critical points and remote areas without any need of investing on infrastructure or interference with your existing system.




IOT Trend is Low Power & Long Range Devices

LoRaWAN & Future

LoRaWAN is future of many IOT applications because of its two main features that is low power consumption devices and long range wireless connectivity.

Furthermore, the protocol enables seamless interoperability between devices in the network without complexity.

In addition, highlighted features like bi-directional communication, deep penetration indoor, long transmission outdoor, long life battery powered devices, easy installation, license free radio frequency etc… makes it ideal choice for Internet of Things ( IOT ) in many applications.


Long Range & Deep Penetration

Sensors can be located indoors, outdoors or underground and still communicate directly to the gateway within a range of up to 50 km in open areas and up to 10 km in urban environments. There is no need for overly complex coverage analysis.

Low Power

Low bit rates and asynchronous communications ensure low energy consumption.
Sensors are designed to send small data bits when required, whether event-driven or scheduled, and battery life can last up to 10 years.

High Network Capacity

The adaptive data rate and multichannel multi-modem transceiver in the gateway enable simultaneous messages on multiple channels; this provides a LoRaWAN network with very high capacity and scalability.

Open Standards & Unlicensed Band

The LoRaWAN® specification is supported and maintained by the LoRa Alliance allowing seamless and quick scalability. LoRa® technology typically operates in the unlicensed spectrum, and is ideal for public and private networks.


Network server security guarantees the authenticity of devices in the network, and secure applications ensure end-user data is protected and confidential. LoRa has AES-128 encryption built-in as standard.

Ease of Installation

Gateways can provide coverage for a very large area, and low cost, long-lasting battery-operated sensors can be installed with no need for power source wiring or constant maintenance operations.

Low Cost

LoRa gateways are stateless and do not have to establish a session to communicate with a sensor. As a result, gateways and sensors provisioning is efficient and reduces costs of deployment.

Growing Ecosystem

An expanding ecosystem of multinational corporations, startups, public sector organizations, and community hubs, across every part of the IoT value chain. Collaboration through the LoRa Alliance ensures Interoperability, compliance and growth of the LoRAWAN® protocol.

Have a custom project?

If you are planning a project, We’ll be glad to get involved and to provide you with our best competitive technical & commercial support.


Our soutions cover from the the first layer of automation that is conditioning and gathering signals to the top that is cloud based management layer.


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