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Unik Solution Inc. is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers.

  • IOT & IIOT Solutions
  • Intelligent Solutions for Businesses
  • Web Application Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Website and SEO Optimization



About Us

Unik Solution Inc. was established to provide Intelligent solutions to various industries and businesses. We offer IOT (Internet of Things), IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Cloud native applications driven by AI ( Artificial Intelligent ) and enterprise customized web applications.

Our web design services cover from basic mobile app and websites to complex applications across the spectrum. 

Carrying over 20 years of practical experience with global companies , the founder, Ali Samiei, has brought in a strong combination of technical & commercial strengths to define clients needs, provide customized solutions to match applications, and sophisticated machine learning and analytics. 

Our global team of expertise in different fields fix complex problems and come up with initiatives. 

Unik Solutions is a true partner, crafting a unique solution for your needs, and handholding from proposal stage, to beta testing,  deployment, and ongoing care.

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IOT & IIOT Design and Implementation
Customized Web Application Design and Development
Mobile Native App Design for Android & iOS
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Technology Gives you a hand


    Asset Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Office Management
    Building Management
    Business Automation
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    Access to your business

    Any where

    Any time

    Our cloud base applications can make all your important data and reports available for you from anywhere.  



    cloud computing

    Why cloud computing ?

    • Lower IT costs
    • Improve agility and time-to-value
    • Scale more easily and cost-effectively

    Artificial Intelligent

    AI for smarter business

    Bring AI to your data that already resides on the cloud and change the game.

    AI is future of the business. Through our global partner’s facilities and developments such as IBM, we can help enterprises  put AI to work.

    • Predict your future outcomes
    • Get predictions and recommendations from your AI 
    • Automate complex processes
    • Optimize employees’ time

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