MultiSTD Converters Isolators – Z-LINE

Z Series modules are reliable signal conditioners, easy use and installation oriented. These devices are available in more power standards and meet the most common interface and conditioning needs. Most models feature galvanic 3-way isolation of 1.5 kVac and compact size (17.5 mm standard width).

Analog/Universal Converters

Temperature Converters

Electrical Measurement Converters


Multistandard Signal Converters & Isolators


Z-Line Series offers a full range of signal conditioners including analog/digital/serial converters, temperature transmitters, galvanic isolators, splitters, trip amplifiers and math modules. They work at 10-40 Vdc/ 19-28 Vac, 85-265 Vac/dc or are supplied by the loop.

Z-Line modules ensure from 1.500 Vrms to 4.000 Vrms isolation voltage for 1 minute at three points. They also supply the transducer and can have active/passive input/output and they are designed to be mounted on DIN 46277 rail.