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Comprehensive Services

To the clients and Partners


  • Web Design
  • Web Application for Enterprises
  • Mobile Application
  • Website
  • Software Production


Designing & Delivering

Smart Solutions

 We offer custom-made smart automation  and digitalization solutions to construction, facility and property management verticals crafted for client requirements and multitude of solutions, some of which are designed by our global partners in BMS and BAS.

  • Designe
  • Customization
  • Implementation


Business Development

We offer professional services to the companies liking to extend other regions and markets, transparently and honestly creating true growth int their desired markets, verticals and regions  by:


  • Market Research
  • Strategic Sales & Marketing Plan
  • Prospecting
  • Product Presentations and profiles
  • Managing Technical Seminars and Events
  • Connection to key contacts in client verticals, System Integrators , Wholesalers , Distributors etc…
  • Proposal Management
  • Design, Testing, Deployment