USB/Serial Convertors

The range of serial converters allows the management of RS232, TTL, RS485, USB serial interfaces to and from PC, PLC, control systems and I/O modules, supporting master, slave and fieldbus devices (ModBUS RTU, M-BUS). The serial converters, designed for industrial use and harsh environments, are available in portable or panel mount versions and also serve as signal isolators, adapters and configuration tools for programmable instruments. Their purpose is to convert and transfer data packets between different networks and serial devices or to connect serial interface peripherals directly to a USB port on a PC. The communication mode can be full-duplex (simultaneous bidirectional transmission) or half-duplex when data transmission and reception between devices cannot take place simultaneously because the data line is unique. Serial communication can be asynchronous and synchronous. In asynchronous mode, transmission and reception are non-synchronous. In synchronous communication, transmission and reception are synchronized by a system clock.

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